Oliver Gao

8 Random Things to Do by Yourself

August 1, 2021 Just a list of 8 things that I've found to be enjoyable.

Sunset taken from a boardwalk with a bike

With the onset of the global Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and its continuation into 2021, I found myself having a lot of time to myself. This was compounded by the fact that I'm a naturally introverted only child. Having said that, I discovered some pretty easy but rewarding things that I could do by myself. I wanted to share eight of these things in case you were looking for something new to do on any given day.

The List

1. Bike outside during the late evening and night right around sunset

The combination of the cool night air, light car traffic, and beautiful skies makes this one of my favorite ways to relax and unwind after a busy day.

2. Get up around sunrise and do something active outside. I recommend getting out there for a walk, run, or bike.

This one is for people like me who don't get up at 6am every day. I'm not a "morning person" at all, but something is empowering about the morning air and peacefulness around sunrise. I want to note that getting up to go to work or school does not count. That isn't very pleasant.

3. Try putting fresh grapes in your vanilla ice cream

There's something special about the combination of grapes and ice cream. The cold temperature of ice cream enhances the freshness of the grapes, while the grapes tone down the sweetness of the ice cream to a perfect level.

4. Watch a squirrel go about its daily life

Personally, I think squirrels are one of the funniest and cutest animals. Watching them run, eat, and bury nuts in the ground is just pure entertainment. You might even be able to have a staring contest with one.

5. Explore a new road or pathway you've never traveled on

It's easy to always drive or walk the same route. After all, that's probably the fastest route! However, you might be missing out on a really nice road, whether it's the scenery or just the general vibe of the road, that might be worth a couple of minutes added to your trip. You'll never know until you explore.

6. Go to the grocery store to buy yourself a small treat

Walk into a grocery store (my favorite is Target) with the purpose of buying yourself a small treat. Maybe that's candy, goldfish, or some ice cream. The key is to walk into the store without a cart or a basket. While you're there, enjoy how everything is laid out in the store and take in the selection with your eyes. In case something does catch your eye, you'll only be able to buy what you can hold with your hands.

7. Go through ALL of your phone's settings

You will find many interesting settings that you didn't even know existed. While you're at it, I recommend deleting those apps you never use as well. After cleaning out those unused apps and applying some new and interesting settings, using your phone will feel like a new experience.

8. Sit in your room at night, turn off the lights, and put on some music at a low volume

Let the sound gently circulate around your room and enjoy the darkness of the night. Do this without headphones! I think you should try this especially if you're used to listening to music through headphones. This experience might give you a new appreciation for sound in general.