Oliver Gao

MDining’s Muffin of the Month, Ranked

July 3, 2024 The definitive ranking

Sign advertising the muffin of the month

Every month, Michigan Dining (MDining) comes out with a new “Muffin of the Month” that is sold in cafes around campus. It’s a muffin that isn’t offered year-round. Once the month is over, so is the muffin. I want to give a special thank you to MDining for allowing their bakers to chef up one creative muffin every month. It has certainly been a source of entertainment for me and many others on campus.

1. Apple Cinnamon (September)

Muffin heaven in one bite. Moist, flavorful, and tasted like the fall. I ate the entire thing in 5 minutes.

<photo coming soon>

2. Sweet Potato (October)

Muffin creativity at its finest. The soft marshmallow on top was the perfect textural balance to the denser but still moist muffin.

3. Raspberry White Chocolate (February)

A safe choice that tastes exactly how you’d imagine. Sour notes of raspberry cut through the sweetness of white chocolate.

4. Irish Cream (March)

Appreciated the St. Patrick’s Day-inspired muffins. However, the muffin itself lacked character and tasted like moist cake, which is not a bad thing.

5. Oreo (January)

So much potential, but it was too homogenous with no actual Oreo chunks. When compared to its cousin, Cookies and Cream ice cream, the Oreo muffin is a disappointment.

6. Peppermint Mocha (December)

Too much peppermint. Every bite was filled with mint flavor. Supporters of this muffin have said that this was due to a muffin-eating skill issue, but I disagree. It was also quite dry, and there was no semblance of mocha flavor.

7. Orange Blossom (November)

I barely finished half of the muffin. Orange should not be a muffin flavor, especially in the month of November when the Thanksgiving-inspired flavor options are endless (think stuffing muffin or even a turkey muffin).

8. Pistachio (April)

I only took one bite and had enough. It simply didn't taste good. A disappointing way to round out the 2023-2024 school year.

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Disclaimer: Not all of the photos are my own