Oliver Gao

Landing page of the Braid Platform

About the Project

Braid is a platform being built as part of a research project affiliated with the University of Michigan seeking to develop digital community spaces where the knowledge and stories of marginalized social innovators are heard, valued, and shared to develop learning communities and technology for the common good.

I'm a full-stack developer on the project where I work to build out user-facing features on the platform. I'm part of a small team that includes developers, UX designers, and researchers.

My Feature Contributions

  • Building out the frontend and backend to allow users to mention other users in posts
  • Autocomplete tags when users click outside the input box
  • Various bug fixes and visual enhancements

Technologies Used

  • Next.js on the frontend.
  • MongoDB as the database and Prisma to work with it.
  • Node.js on the backend.


Coming Soon