Oliver Gao

Hackathon Projects

A group of students working on laptops at a hackathon

I had never participated in a hackathon until my senior year of college where I rode the hackathon high and participated in four! All of the projects I've showcased below were built in 24-36 hours on teams of 2-4. Overall, I really enjoyed the hackathon experience and the rush of being able to "ship" a product that works to some capacity.

YouTube Digest Companion

What: Watch later -> Digest now. Streamline learning by using your YouTube playlists as a knowledge base. Read more
Where: MHacks x Google at the University of Michigan (April 12-14, 2024)

The Maize Race

What: An educational, competitive, multiplayer maze game. Read more
Where: MHacks 16 at the University of Michigan (November 18-19, 2023)


What: A community platform for researchers to track and discover research papers they want to read. Read more
Where: HackGT X at Georgia Tech (October 13-15, 2023)

Live Local Voter

What: Presenting easily digestible information for local elections. Read more
Where: Civic Tech Hackathon 2024 at Boston University (February 17-18, 2024)